The Official State Gazette Agency is a public body attached to the Ministry of the Presidency with individual public legal status and absolute capacity to fulfil its objectives.


The CCN-CERT is the Information Security Incident Response Team of the National Cryptologic Centre, CCN, accountable to the Spanish National Intelligence Centre, CNI. This service was created in 2006 as the Spanish Government CERT, and its functions are listed in Law 11/2002 on the CNI, in RD 421/2004 regulating the CCN and in RD 3/2010, of 8 January, regulating the National Security Scheme, modified by RD 951/2015 of 23 October.
In compliance with this regulation, the CCN-CERT ensures protection from cyber attacks on classified systems and systems belonging to Public Administrations, and to companies and organizations of strategic interest (those essential for Spanish security and economy).


Entidad Nacional de Acreditación - ENAC - is the agency appointed by the government to operate in Spain as the only National Accreditation Body, pursuant to Regulation (EU) No 765/2008 that regulates the functioning of accreditation in Europe


International Organization for Standardization (ISO)


Ministerio de la Presidencia y para las Administraciones Territoriales

Ministerio de la Presidencia y para las Administraciones Territoriales

The National Security Office (in Spanish Oficina Nacional de Seguridad or ONS) was established in 1983 within the intelligence service as a working body for the CNI Director to assist him in the discharge of his duties related to the protection of Classified Information. The NSO has the function of ensuring the compliance with the rules on protection of both national Classified Information and that information handed over to the civil service or to the companies under the international Treaties or Agreements signed by Spain (article 4 f of the 11/2002 Act of 6 May regulating the CNI).