National Cryptologic Centre, CCN

CCNThe National Cryptologic Centre (CCN) is an Organisation, within the National Intelligence Centre (CNI), set up in 2002 to guarantee ICT security in different public administration entities and security for systems that process, store or send out classified information.

Its sphere of competence is defined by the following standard framework:

  • Law 11/2002, dated 6th May, regulating the National Intelligence Centre (CNI)
  • Royal Decree 421/2004, 12th March, regulating and defining the sphere and functions of the National Cryptologic Centre (CCN).
  • Presidential Ministerial Order PRE/2740/2007, dated 19th September, that regulates the National Evaluation Frame work and Information Technology Security Certification giving the CCN the capacity to act as a Certification Body (OC) for this Framework.
  • Royal Decree 03/2010, dated 8th January, developing the National Security Framework (update RD 951/2015, dated 23 October), establishing basic principles and mínimum requirements, as well as protection measures to be implanted in Administration systems.
  • Government Delegate Commission for Intelligence Matters, that annually defines CNI objectives using the Intelligence Directive setting out the Centre’s work.

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