Virtual Air Gap (VAG) v.1.0.6

  • Category: Data exchange gateways
  • Manufacturer: Aselsan A.S.
  • Type: Product
  • Evaluating laboratory: Epoche & Espri
  • Certification Status: Certified
  • Certification Date: 2012-12-06
  • Standard Version: Common Criteria 3.1 release 3
  • Evaluation Level: EAL4 + (AVA_VAN.5, ALC_FLR.2)

The TOE, namely the Virtual Air Gap (VAG), is a software package which provides a secure network traffic flow for private and public institutions in order to realize
mission-critical operations fundamentally by preventing transit IP traffic. The TOE is running on internal and external host machines (vag-int and vag-ext) on top of Linux operating systems and mediates the information flow with the support of external software installed in its environment.

TOE is designed for institutions (public and private) that are connected to Internet and offering/getting real-time web and mail service and data interaction over Internet to prevent and remove security threats towards mission-critical operations.

TOE system is deployed between external network and institution’s internal network and does not use IP-based communication for internal connection. Therefore, the TOE is actually forming a “virtual air gap” border providing high-level security.

The system which runs the TOE is basically composed of internal and external security components (servers) and a shared memory (shared disk) component.