TimeCOS Java Card Platform and EasyCard version 1.1

  • Category: Smart Cards and similiar devices
  • Manufacturer: Watchdata Technologies Pte. Ltd.
  • Type: Product
  • Evaluating laboratory: Applus Laboratories
  • Certification Status: Certified
  • Certification Date: 2013-11-05
  • Standard Version: Common Criteria 3.1 release 3
  • Evaluation Level: EAL4 + ALC_DVS.2 + AVA_VAN.5

The TOE is designed and used as a multi-application platform, which provides the capabilities to the issuer for performing the installation, updating and deletion of various Java Card applets.

The post-issued Java Card applets are outside of the scope of the current certificate.

Additionally, the TOE includes a native application, named as EasyCard, which provides payment functionalities, such as the electronic purse used for transactions in public transportations and parking.

The EasyCard application is masked in the TOE and cannot be deleted.

The EasyCard application is inside of the scope of the current evaluation.

The TOE provides dual interfaces for a maximum flexibility in using different communication protocols: ISO 7816 and ISO 14443 (including Type A and Type B).


  • Declaración de Seguridad / Security Target:

    2012-02-DS pdf | 479.6 KB
  • Informe de certificación / Certification Report:

    INF-1240 pdf | 84.2 KB