Microsoft Windows 10 (Creators Update)

  • Category: Operating systems
  • Manufacturer: Microsoft Corp.
  • Type: Product
  • Evaluating laboratory: Epoche & Espri
  • Certification Status: Certified
  • Certification Date: 2018-04-05
  • Evaluation Level: PP Compliant
  • Protection profiles: General Purpose Operating Systems Protection Profile, Version 4.1, March 9, 2016 (GP OS PP)

TOE Software Identification: The following Windows Operating Systems (OS):

  • Microsoft Windows 10 Home Edition (Creators Update) (32-bit version)
  • Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Edition (Creators Update) (64-bit versions)
  • Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise Edition (Creators Update) (64-bit versions)
  • Microsoft Windows 10 S Edition (Creators Update) (64-bit versions)

TOE Versions:

  • Windows 10: build 10.0.15063 (also known as version 1703)

The following security updates must be applied for:

  • Windows 10, all critical updates as of August 9, 2017

1.3 TOE Overview

The TOE includes the Windows 10 operating system, and those applications necessary to manage, support and configure the operating system. Windows 10 can be delivered preinstalled on a new computer or downloaded from the Microsoft website.

Windows 10 can run on any physical or virtual computer which is compatible with the x86 or x64 instruction set, such as processors from Intel or AMD.


  • Declaración de Seguridad / Security Target:

    2017-49-ST pdf | 1.12 MB