Winbond Secure Serial Flash Memory W75F32W version D

  • Category: Others
  • Manufacturer: Winbond Electronics Corporation
  • Type: Product
  • Evaluating laboratory: Applus Laboratories
  • Certification Status: Certified
  • Certification Date: 2017-05-15
  • Standard Version: Common Criteria 3.1 release 4
  • Evaluation Level: EAL5 + ALC_DVS.2 + AVA_VAN.5

The Target of Evaluation is a Memory Flash IC. The TOE is dedicated to be embedded into highly critical hardware devices such as smart card, secure element, USB token, secure micro SD, etc. These devices will embed secure applications such as financial, telecommunication, identity (e-Government), etc and will be working in a hostile environment. In particular, the TOE is dedicated to the secure storage of the code and data of critical applications.

The security needs for the TOE consist in:
- Maintaining the integrity of the content of the memories and the confidentiality of the content of protected memory areas as required by the critical HW products (e.g. Security IC) the Memory Flash is built for.
- Providing a secure communication with the Host device that will embed the TOE in a secure HW product such as Security IC.