In order to implement procedures that optimise the implementation costs connected with TEMPEST measures, NATO has developed several documents through the SECAN (Systems Security and Evaluation Agency) on behalf of the Military Committee. Such documents are the standard used for the equipment and systems evaluation in the laboratory, for the procedures linked to TEMPEST evaluation of platforms, for procedures aimed at ZONING evaluation and classification of installations and for guidelines on systems evaluation.

Likewise, the EU Council has developed the corresponding regulations regarding the areas of its competence. Such documents were based on the example of the already existing NATO documents and they aim to harmonize both the needed measures and the procedures to carry them out.

The documents that have been used to develop the National TEMPEST regulation are based on the following NATO and EU documents:

  • SDIP-27/2 NATO TEMPEST Requirements (NC)
  • SDIP-28/2 NATO ZONING Procedures (NR)
  • SDIP-29/2 Facility Design Criteria and Installation of Equipment for the Processing of Classified Information) (NR)
  • IASG-07 TEMPEST Basic Principles (R-UE)
  • IASG-07-01 Selection and Installation of TEMPEST Equipment (R-UE)
  • IASG-07-02 TEMPEST ZONING Procedures (R-UE)
  • IASG-07-03 EU TEMPEST Requirements and Evaluation Procedures (C-UE)

The rules of Tempest Certification are based on the CCN-STIC Guides.

National Regulations

  • CCN-STIC-151 Evaluación y Certificación TEMPEST de Equipos (DL)
  • CCN-STIC-152 Evaluación y Clasificación Zoning Locales (DL)
  • CCN-STIC-153 Evaluación y Clasificación de Armarios Apantallados (DL)
  • CCN-STIC-154 Medidas de protección TEMPEST para instalaciones (DL)
  • CCN-STIC-210 Norma de Seguridad en las Emanaciones (DL)