Samsung S3FW9FV/FT/F9/F8 Revision 0

  • Categoría: Tarjetas inteligentes
  • Fabricante : Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd
  • Tipo: Producto
  • Laboratorio evaluador: Applus Laboratories
  • Estado de la certificación: Certificado
  • Fecha de certificación: 28-05-2016
  • Fecha de renovación: 14-12-2017
  • Fecha de mantenimiento: 08-04-2018
  • Versión de la norma: Common Criteria 3.1 release 4
  • Nivel de evaluación: EAL4 + ALC-DVS.2 + AVA_VAN.4

Maintained TOE reference:

Samsung S3FW9FV/FT/F9/F8 Revision 2

The TOE Samsung S3FW9FV/FT/F9/F8 Revision 0 has been maintained according to supporting document CCDB Assurance Continuity: CCRA requirements. v2.1, June 2012. The maintained TOE reference is Samsung S3FW9FV/FT/F9/F8 Revision 2.

The TOE Samsung S3FW9FV/FT/F9/F8 Revision 0 has gone through a renewal process according to certification procedure PO‐005 and it consists in updating the analysis of the certified or maintained product’s resistance against updated state of the art attack methods and vulnerabilities.


The Samsung S3FW9FV/FT/F9/F8 Revision 0 Secure 32-bit RISC Microcontroller single-chip CMOS micro-controller is designed and packaged specifically for "Smart Card" applications. The SC000 CPU architecture of the TOE follows the Harvard style, that is, it has separate program memory and data memory. Both instruction and data can be fetched simultaneously without causing a stall, using separate paths for memory access.

Archivos adjuntos

  • Certificado de mantenimiento / Maintenance Certificate:

    BOE-A-2018-4783 pdf | 157.76 KB
  • Declaración de seguridad de mantenimiento / Maintenance Security Target:

    2017-58-ST-Lite pdf | 1.23 MB

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