Huawei WLAN AC Series Product V200R007C10SPC200

  • Categoría: Dispositivos de Red Inalámbricos
  • Fabricante : Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
  • Tipo: Producto
  • Laboratorio evaluador: Epoche & Espri
  • Estado de la certificación: Certificado
  • Fecha de certificación: 03-12-2017
  • Versión de la norma: Common Criteria 3.1 release 4
  • Nivel de evaluación: EAL2

The TOE is the SW of an access controller (AC) applicable to MANs and enterprise networks for wireless access. It has a large capacity and high performance. It is highly reliable, easy to install and maintain, and features such advantages as flexible networking and energy conservation.

The major security features implemented by the TOE and subject to evaluation can be summarized as follows:

  • Authentication: Authenticate administrative users by user name and password.
  • Access control: Access Control Lists has the functionalities of controlling user level and commands level of the logged in users.
  • Communication security: Establishing a trusted path between itself and a RMT (Remote Maintenance Terminal) is one of its features
  • Network Traffic: The TOE forwards network traffic, enforcing decisions about the correct forwarding interface and assembling the outgoing network packets using correct IP addresses
  • ACL: Access Control Lists (ACLs) to filter traffic destined to the TOE.
  • Security management: Offers management functionality for its security functions.

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