Working groups

Within the framework of international recognition, the OC  continues to participate actively in two important working groups  (technical and management):

  • CCRA (Common Criteria Recognition Arrangement) 

Ratified in September 2014 by the 26 member countries.

  • SOGIS –MRA ( Senior Offices Group on Information Security – Mutual Recognition Agreement) 


 Participants in this Agreement are organisations or  government agencies from countries of the European  Union or EFTA (European Free Trade Association),  representing their country or countries. It covers the  following domains:


  • - Smartcards and Similar Devices – This IT-Technical Domain is related to smart cards and similar 
  • Hardware Devices with Security Boxes – This Technical Domain is related to products that  comprises one or more printed circuit boards  where its security functionality relies mostly on  the physical casing of the product (a so-called  Security Box”).