Cryptologic Certification

The CCN the Organization responsible for creating the Catalogue of Products with Cryptologic Certification that includes products capable of protecting national classified information. This way, the evaluated encryption equipment that obtains the CCN's certification is considered as a national encryptor, and it obtains a cryptology certification.

To obtain the certificate, the product must already have a Common Criteria certificate. The corresponding technical evaluation report is first delivered to the National Cryptologic Centre. Subsequently, the cryptology evaluation is carried out, during which the analysis of the encryption algorithms, security mechanisms and the proper functioning of the equipment is taken into account. The equipment is then assigned the maximum level of information classification for which it is authorized to handle.

Every product with a cryptology certification has its own usage procedure which is mandatory to keep the authorisation to handle national classified information up to the maximum level of classification given to the product.

The CCN policy on this matter is to increase the use of national encrypted equipment certified in Public Administration organizations.